There are 5 ways you can take action to protect our freshwater:

1. Make a call. Send an e-mail

This is the most important part of our campaign. As the people of BC, we need to let our elected officials know how important our lakes and rivers are to us. It only takes a few minutes, and if enough of us speak out, it will make ALL the difference.

2. Sign the Petition

Once we get enough signatures, we'll deliver our petition to the Premier, calling on him to install permanent, mandatory inspection stations at all of our border crossings. 

3. Spread the Word

Take our film and make it your own. Share it with everyone you know, and everyone you don't know too. Have an idea for an event? Know how we could promote the film in your community? Get in touch with us! 

4. Learn and implement Clean/Drain/Dry

If you like to boat, fish, paddle, waterski, wakesurf, fly a float plane, or just make sandcastles, it's vital that you clean, drain, and dry your equipment before moving to a new waterway. This is ESPECIALLY important if you're coming from out-of-province. It does add some steps to your day, but it also insures that you will be able to keep enjoying that BC lake or river that you love. It just makes sense. 

5. Join the Instagram campaign

We're on Instagram as @protectourfreshwater. Share a photo of the BC lake or river that you want to protect, and tag #protectourfreshwater